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Maximize the profit on your SoftWave Device.

How To Get More Patients

SoftWave Directory Listing – only $100/mo

Join the SoftWave provider directory and get access to patients looking for SoftWave treatment.

SoftWave Lead Access – only $85/each

As a member, you have access to qualified leads for only $85 each.

Join the "SoftWave Centers of Excellence" Today

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many leads do I get from the SoftWave Leads Campaign and what does it cost?

    That’s up to you. Here’s how it works: Set your max number of leads (the highest number of leads you’d like to receive) and pay the monthly deposit. Max of 10 leads / month = $850 deposit. We generate as many qualified leads as we can up to your max. We repay you in full for every lead not received (up to your max) You pay nothing for extra leads received over your max. Change your lead volume or cancel with no fee!

  • How much money will I make from a SoftWave Leads Campaign?

    On average we expect you’ll make 3x ROI on your SoftWave Leads Campaign. Even better return is achievable, we see it every month.

    Our job is to send you the highest quality leads available.

    It’s up to your team to turn the leads into appointments, and appointments into SoftWave treatment plans. But we can help with that too! Learn more about campaign Add-Ons.

  • What’s the Lead Dashboard

    That’s up to you. You decide from a list of injuries and conditions which types of patients you are interested in treating, and we build and optimize your campaign accordingly.

  • Where do the leads come from?

    We run a variety of digital marketing and digital advertising campaigns to generate qualified Softwave leads. This includes SEO, Google PPC, Microsoft PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Display Ads.