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65-91% improvement with musculoskeletal and general pain complaints

Greg - Knee Pain

"No pain at all. I mean, totally. Every inch of pain is gone. I was skeptical at first, then as I came back for the second treatment and the pain continued to subside, I was convinced. I play golf three or four times a week, and I constantly was wearing a brace. These treatments have allowed me to enjoy something that I love and that's being outside and playing golf.” Greg tried Softwave for his knee pain. Now he’s back to doing what he loves without limits.

Tara - Knee Pain

"Since I've been going through this therapy, what I've noticed is I haven't took no pain pills, no arthritis pills.Imma speak the truth. It works. I mean, your gonna feel pain when you first start out, but you can work your way through that ‘cause I did it, you can do it." SoftWave therapy showed a significant impact on Tara’s life by helping her find knee pain relief without the help of pills.

Chelsea - Back

"For the first time in many years, I didn't have pain, and that I could move my body without that pressure on my hips was a blessing. It brought back life to me that I’ve been without for so many years." SoftWave was life-changing for Chelsea after years of chronic back pain from scoliosis.

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Jacob - Shoulder

“Once we used this one (SoftWave device), it was more spread. But once you find the spot, it was twice more effective on the painful spot, so I could tell immediate difference.” Jacob, a former professional pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, on his experience using radial shockwave versus SoftWave therapy’s unfocused shockwave for his shoulder pain.

Daniel - Hand

"I could actually make a complete fist... It would take half an hour just to loosen up (my hand) and then I could never make a fist. Today I walked in here being able to make a fist on day number 18 (after SoftWave treatment) outta nowhere." "2 days ago I woke up, there was no swelling in my hand. I was actually able to make a fist, and it's been like that ever since. I just had another treatment so my hand is really feeling good right now." "I can actually make a fist... It used to take half an hour just to loosen up my hand... On day 18 after SoftWave I was able to make a complete fist and it’s been that way ever since!” Daniel struggled with Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger in his right hand and is happy he tried SoftWave before surgery.

Andrew - Knee

"I feel like I have a brand new knee. Like I could run 2 miles with no problem. Like, there's no pain. This hasn’t happened in the last 5 months since my surgery...I'm speechless." Andrew experienced knee pain for months after his surgery. Then he discovered SoftWave.

Daryl - Feet

"This is the third time, I feel a little bit on the heel, but I don't feel the pulling of the foot. Before, I feel it pull and feel it radiate all the way. Now I really don't feel that much at all. It's doing well, it's better." Daryl suffers from plantar fasciitis. After his third SoftWave session, he experienced significant pain relief.

Tom - Chemo-Induced Neuropathy

“I feel great. This whacker machine as I call it has made a vast difference because I feel so much better after I come out from a session. Clearly, it's the only thing you should try. You can try the rest of the protocols but this one, in my case, was most effective." After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and chemo-induced neuropathy, Tom battled through treatments and discovered SoftWave Therapy which brought him the greatest relief in pain.

Lumisha - Knee

"Oh my goodness. Whenever I stand up, I would feel a sharp pain in my knee. When I got off the table after treatment, I didn't feel the pain for the first time I guess maybe in 12 years." "When I came in here, I was dragging my knee along. Now I'm walking. I can lift it. Oh, I can bend it! I could not bend my knee before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart" Lumisha suffered from severe knee pain. SoftWave provided real relief for the first time in years.

Dr. Nathan and his staff are extremely professional and make everyone feel welcomed. The experience and wisdom is beyond excellence, along with the state of the art equipment.

I had plantar fasciitis. Dr. Nathans and Dr. Thompson both recommended Soft Wave. I was very skeptical. I am a believer. I am pain free! Highly recommended!

Dr. Sam is truly a life changer! He has not only helped my wife feel so much better in spite of her chronic spine issues, but had helped correct my spine issues and eliminated by back pain!

One of the best chiropractic experiences I have had in a long time. I had immediate relief from a long standing chronic pain condition. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Dr. Matt is fabulous! He has given me 2 consults for neuropathic pain and explained a treatment option he recommends. His office staff is equally fantastic.

Such a nice friendly place. Just started treatment for neuropathy, here's hoping to be able to walk and drive again sometime soon.

Dr. Brown is not in chiropractic care just to adjust and fix people, she’s in it because she truly cares about the individual’s wellness. If anyone would ever ask me what’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, this would be it.

I’ve been going to Dr. Brown at InnerSun for over a year now. This spring is the FIRST spring in 15 years that I haven’t battled migraine-level sinus headaches – and I’m not taking any medication for it.

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