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About SoftWave Therapy

What Is SoftWave Therapy?

SoftWave is patented non-invasive shockwave therapy that increases blood flow and promotes natural healing at the cellular level.

Shockwave therapy is used to treat all sorts of conditions, from chronic pain to sports injuries to conditions like restless leg and arthritis! Unfocused shock waves spread energy to a larger and deeper area of tissue, which allows for greater healing than radial waves without any side effects.

SoftWave is the ONLY true unfocused shockwave treatment on the market today.

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How Does SoftWave Therapy Work?

SoftWave therapy works by using unfocused shockwaves to stimulate the body's healing processes, promoting pain relief and tissue regeneration. The medical benefits of SoftWave include:

  • Increases blood supply
  • Reduces acute and chronic pain
  • Temporarily increases local blood circulation
  • Activates connective tissue
  • Promotes regeneration and healing
  • Modulate inflammation
  • Activates and recruits resident stem cells
  • Stimulates cytokines and growth factors
  • Promotes angiogenesis
  • Repairs and regenerates tissues
  • Improves mitochondrial function
  • Increase neo-vascularization
  • Improved left ventricle ejection fraction
  • Recruits innate immune receptor TLR3
  • Improves sexual health for men and women
  • Improves exosome circulation
  • Wound epithelialization

Is SoftWave Therapy Effective?

  • 90% patient satisfaction rate and 94% quality satisfaction rate amongst medical specialists
  • 65-91% improvement in musculoskeletal and general pain complaints from SoftWave Therapy
  • Softwave can increase your blood supply, boost collagen production, break up calcification and more
  • Softwave therapy is non-invasive, drug-free, and FDA-cleared
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I FEEL GREAT! I set up my original appointment 7-8 weeks ago because I was experiencing lower back, hip & knee pain. My knees felt amazing after the very first treatment.

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. The office is very professional and they really take the time to make me feel comfortable and welcome.

I always have top-notch care at Chiropractic Health Center. They listen to any concerns I have and I always feel amazing when I leave.

This is by far the best chiropractor I've been to. The progress I've made in the past few months is more than what I had seeing a different Chiropractor for a year.

I thank you and your office for putting a plan in place for my best possible outcome. Through your extensive evaluation and follow-up my quality of life has improved so much, and I thank you for that.

I was desperate for relief. Upon entering Align, the mood and energy was different than anywhere I had been previously. Everyone was upbeat and friendly.

Dr. Greg and his team have been working with me to get my back back into the correct posture so that I can avoid having to have any more back surgeries and can increase my quality of living and lessen the pain that I’ve lived with for so long.

Dr Joel Lacombe has been helping me with my back issues. He combines chiropractic care with technology, I love the back stretching machine.

661 ★★★★★ Reviews and Counting!

SoftWave FAQs

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  • What is the SoftWave treatment process like?
  • What results should I expect from SoftWave therapy?
  • Is SoftWave FDA-cleared?
  • Does SoftWave therapy have side effects?
  • Where can I go to get SoftWave therapy?

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