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Shockwave Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Peyronie’s Disease

Shockwave Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Peyronie’s Disease

Title of study: A meta-analysis of extracorporeal shock wave therapy for Peyronie’s disease

Authors: L Gao, S Qian, Z Tang, J Li, J Yuan

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a condition that causes the penis to become curved and can lead to pain and difficulty with sexual function. One potential treatment for PD is extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), which uses sound waves to break up scar tissue in the penis.

To evaluate the effectiveness of ESWT for PD, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of six studies that included 443 patients. They found that ESWT was significantly more effective than a placebo in reducing penile plaques and relieving pain.

After ESWT, no patients required additional treatment. This suggests that ESWT may be a safe and effective option for some men with PD.

It is important to note that this study only looked at controlled studies, including randomized controlled trials, cohort studies, and case-control studies.

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