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Shockwave Therapy Reduces Wound Size by 99.9% in Elderly Patient

Shockwave Therapy Reduces Wound Size by 99.9% in Elderly Patient

Title of study: A case study on the effectiveness of DermaGold soft-focused multiwave therapy in treating an infected wound

The case study focuses on an 80-year-old female patient who developed a large infected decubitus ulcer after a knee operation and prolonged hospital stay. Antibiotics and surgical procedures were recommended, but her family sought alternative treatment with DermaGold soft-focused Multiwave therapy. The patient received weekly treatments for approximately 10 minutes each without anesthesia.

Within six weeks of the first treatment, there was a 77% decrease in the size of the wound, and new healthy skin tissue was visible. By the 11th treatment, the wound had decreased by 88%. The final treatment resulted in a 99.9% decrease in wound size, and sutures were used to close the wound immediately following the therapy.

One year after the final treatment, the patient showed significant healing, and nearly two years after the treatment, a histologic examination showed full thickness, healthy skin, including hair follicles and sebaceous glands, with almost no scar tissue remaining.

The treatment resulted in a significant decrease in wound size and healthy skin tissue regeneration, leading to complete healing with almost no scar tissue. Shockwave therapy can provide a non-invasive, pain-free alternative for patients with chronic wounds.

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