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Shockwave Therapy Enhances Healing of Scaphoid Nonunion

Shockwave Therapy Enhances Healing of Scaphoid Nonunion

Title: Treatment of scaphoid waist nonunion by one, two headless compression screws or plate with or without additional extracorporeal shockwave therapy

Authors: S Quadlbauer, Ch Pezzei, T Beer, J Jurkowitsch, T Keuchel, C Schlintner, W Schaden, T Hausner, M Leixnering –

Scaphoid bone injuries that do not heal properly can be challenging for hand surgeons to treat. In this study, researchers examined various treatment approaches for scaphoid nonunions, including bone grafting and stabilization using one or two headless compression screws or a plate. They also investigated the impact of adding extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) to the treatment. The findings revealed that using two screws or a plate for stabilization resulted in higher rates of bone union compared to using only one screw. Furthermore, patients who received ESWT alongside the surgical treatment reported lower pain levels and better overall outcomes. These results suggest that combining ESWT with a bone graft can be a beneficial approach for treating scaphoid bone injuries that have not healed properly. ESWT enhances the healing process, promotes bone union, and improves treatment outcomes. The study provides valuable insights into the potential of shockwave therapy as an effective non-invasive treatment option for patients with scaphoid nonunions. By employing ESWT alongside traditional surgical techniques, hand surgeons can enhance the healing process and improve the long-term outcomes for individuals with scaphoid bone injuries. Further research in this area may continue to uncover the full potential of shockwave therapy in bone healing and offer new avenues for the treatment of scaphoid nonunions.

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