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COVID-19 Severity Linked to Heart Injury, Says Study

COVID-19 Severity Linked to Heart Injury, Says Study

Title of study: Analysis of heart injury laboratory parameters in 273 COVID-19 patients in one hospital in Wuhan, China

Authors: Huan Han, Linlin Xie, Rui Liu, Jie Yang, Fang Liu, Kailang Wu, Lang Chen, Wei Hou, Yong Feng, Chengliang Zhu

The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic has spread worldwide, causing a range of respiratory, enteric, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases. A study analyzed laboratory indicators related to heart injury, including CK-MB, MYO, ultra-TnI, and NT-proBNP, in 273 COVID-19 patients. The study found that higher concentrations of these indicators in venous blood were associated with the severity and case-fatality rate of COVID-19. Careful monitoring of myocardial enzyme profiles is crucial in reducing complications and mortality in COVID-19 patients.

The study highlights the importance of monitoring heart health in COVID-19 patients, as heart injury can worsen the severity of the disease and increase the risk of mortality. By tracking the levels of specific enzymes in the blood, healthcare professionals can determine the severity of heart injury and adjust treatment accordingly. This could potentially reduce complications and improve outcomes for COVID-19 patients.

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