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Overview of SoftWave Clinics - Provider Pricing


It’s important to understand that you should be running a local campaign and your local campaign should be producing patients in your clinic for about $75-$150 each (depending on your market).

SoftWave Clinics is a national campaign. It’s often more expensive per patient but typically a lower risk supplement because you’re only paying when patients are scheduled.


$100/mo OR $900/year

Patient Appointments
$80 per appointment OR $150 per prepaid appointment

  • Note: you do NOT pay for leads or ad spend. You only pay for appointments.
  • $80/appt: you’ll prepay $400 for 5 appointments. These will be a mix of “shows” and “no shows”. Our goal is a 70% show rate but this will vary by market.
  • $150/appt: some clinics prefer to eliminate all risk and only pay if a patient prepays for the appointment. In this case, the show rate is 98%.

Patient Payment
We collect $49 (one area) or $69 (two areas) in addition to the $80 (or $150).

  • The website & ads show $69 for one area of treatment and $99 for two areas.
  • We attempt to collect payment before the appt b/c it increases the show rate.
  • If the patient prepays, we give a $20 discount ($49 for one area; $79 for two areas)
  • If the patient chooses to pay at your clinic, you’ll let us know and then we collect $49 or $79 from the card on file.


It cost us ~$110 for every scheduled appt and ~$180 for every appt that shows.

For example:

  • Our cost: $110 ($90 ad spend + $20 call center etc.)
  • You pay us: $80
  • Patient pays us: $49
  • Target profit to us: $20

You should expect $150-200 cost per patient. For some clinics, this math does not work. There are cheaper ways to get patients and if your schedule is full, it may not make sense to pay that much for a patient. For most clinics, this is a perfect supplement to their existing marketing. The goal is for you to pay ~$200 per patient, get $1500-$2000 in revenue through SoftWave and other services, and target a 10:1 ROI.


In 2024, we introduced a discount for clinics who collaborate with our team by calling leads. When you login to your lead dashboard, you’ll see every lead that we assigned to your clinic. We typically schedule 8-10% of leads. When clinics call every patient one time and leave a voicemail, that schedule rate jumps to 20%! For any patient that your clinic schedules, you keep the $49 / $79 first visit charge.


Our vision is to build a platform that every provider wants to be a part of so that the SoftWave brand becomes the undisputed leader in shockwave therapy.  However, we understand that our pricing model doesn’t fit every clinic.  To accommodate these clinics, we now offer a “Basic” listing.

  • $100/month membership
  • Leads are pushed to your team
  • Online scheduling and Prepayment are available

With a “Basic” listing, your volume will be lower but it allows you to still take advantage of the traffic in your city.