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The Vision of SoftWave Clinics

SoftWave Clinics is a platform that unifies SoftWave providers across the country in order to:

  1. Establish SoftWave as the undisputed leader in shockwave therapy
  2. Provide every clinic with consistent low-cost leads through dominant performance in search engines
  3. Provide every clinic with resources and support such as video content, photography, marketing automation, call center support, FAQ modules, etc.

Join today for only $100 per month!

SoftWave Clinics is the ONLY national marketing campaign. When you join, the pateints in YOUR city will get the treatment they deserve!

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How does SoftWave Clinics schedule patients?

There are two ways we can schedule patients for your clinic.

Online Scheduling: you provide specific time blocks that we can always schedule patients. (Ex. M-Th 10-2 and 4-6) This option maximizes conversion because patients can schedule online. Note: we will not have visibility into your clinic calendar and your team will need to add appointments into your clinic calendar as they’re scheduled and emailed to you.

Direct Scheduling: you provide access to your EHR or scheduler and our team will schedule directly into your system. This option will prevent leads from scheduling online and will reduce conversion rate.
Note: Direct Scheduling is NOT available with the Basic Membership.

If you're ready to join, click below to process your membership



We’re projecting over 500,000 visitors in 2024! Here are traffic projections for a sample of cities based on 2024 Q1 Traffic.

City Sessions
New York 12716
Chicago 10236
Los Angeles 6828
Atlanta 6752
Dallas 6200
Ashburn 5260
Kampala 5120
Phoenix 5012
Miami 3068
Seattle 2964
Philadelphia 2808
Boston 2536
San Diego 2452
London 2092
Denver 2072
San Jose 1724
Austin 1548
Minneapolis 1492


The SoftWave Centers of Excellence is a separate marketing initiative and is not a part of Every provider is listed for free on is a paid subscription and is not run by the corporate team at SoftWave. This strategy was, however, born out of SoftWave’s leadership team striving to support the SoftWave clinics across America by driving hundreds of new patients every month. As clinics continue to join this collaborative marketing effort, SoftWave is proud to see the continued exponential growth and success of clinics nationwide.