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Let Healing Begin with SoftWave


SoftWave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses patented technology to promote healing at the cellular level, improve blood supply, and initiate the body’s natural healing process.

  • Improves blood supply and reduces inflammation
  • Patented and FDA(510k) cleared
  • 10-15 minute treatment sessions
  • Fast acting with long term results
  • No downtime, anesthesia, or numbing agents needed

Schedule a $69 new patient appointment or contact us for assistance.


Schedule a $69 new patient appointment or contact us for assistance.

Treat Muscle Pain with An Affordable Alternative to Surgery, Injections, or Medication

Join the thousands of patients who have experienced life-changing relief from SoftWave Therapy.

Treating Muscle Pain With SoftWave Therapy

Muscle pain is often caused by overuse, tension, injury, or underlying medical conditions. It can result in limited movement and discomfort, affecting daily activities and well-being.


Muscle pain is often caused by overuse, tension, injury, or underlying medical conditions. It can result in limited movement and discomfort, affecting daily activities and well-being.

SoftWave can be a highly effective treatment solution for muscle pain. SoftWave is clinically proven with a 61% to 91% improvement in musculoskeletal and general pain complaints. It has helped thousands of patients get real lasting relief.

Regrettably, muscle pain affects 11-24% of people worldwide. Common symptoms of muscle pain include:

  • Tenderness or soreness in the affected muscle area.
  • Limited range of motion or stiffness.
  • Discomfort that worsens with movement or pressure on the muscle.
  • Swelling or inflammation in the muscle region.
  • Muscle spasms or cramps.

Common causes of muscle pain include muscle overuse or strain from physical activities, muscle injuries due to accidents or trauma, tension and stress leading to muscle tension, and underlying medical conditions like fibromyalgia or myositis.

SoftWave providers can develop a plan for muscle pain. With our $69 New Patient Special, you can try SoftWave today and learn if you’re a candidate for treatment.


"No pain at all. I mean, totally. Every inch of pain is gone. I was skeptical at first, then as I came back for the second treatment and the pain continued to subside, I was convinced. I play golf three or four times a week, and I constantly was wearing a brace. I very rarely wear a brace now and I have no pain when I'm swinging the club. These treatments have allowed me to enjoy something that I love and that's being outside and playing golf.” Greg tried Softwave for his knee pain. Now he’s back to doing what he loves without limits.


“Once we used this one (SoftWave device), it was more spread. But once you find the spot, it was twice more effective on the painful spot, so I could tell immediate difference.”  Jacob, a former professional pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, on his experience using radial shockwave versus SoftWave therapy’s unfocused shockwave for his shoulder pain.


I feel wonderful. I'm serious, why would I lie? When I came in here I could hardly walk and I had just finished work and I probably would have gone home and laid on the recliner for the rest of the day. That's how much pain I was in.  Sandra was in so much pain and then she found SoftWave therapy which gave her much-needed relief.

Single Shockwave Treatment Shows Promise in Relieving Muscle Soreness

This randomized controlled trial investigated the effects of a single administration of focused extracorporeal shock wave therapy on delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) induced by eccentric exercise. While there were no statistically significant differences between the groups in pain intensity reduction, maximum isometric voluntary force, pressure pain threshold, and daily life impairment, there were clinically relevant effects observed. The study suggests that focused extracorporeal shock wave therapy could be a potential option for relieving pain and enhancing recovery from DOMS, particularly in the midterm (72 hours) and for athletes returning to play.

Shockwave Therapy Enhances Muscle Performance in Athletes

Competitive athletes always strive for peak performance, but fatigue and overuse can hinder progress. Shockwave therapy (SWT) has been effectively used for sports injuries, and this study looked at its impact on healthy muscles. Four golfers and weightlifters participated, with golfers hitting balls and weightlifters doing back squats before and after SWT sessions. Golfers showed increased swing speeds and ball distances, while weightlifters exhibited reduced muscle effort for the same task, leading to improved performance. This suggests that SWT positively influences muscle output and athletic achievement, potentially offering a valuable edge for athletes

Acoustic Stimulation Promotes Muscle Resilience in Sports and Aging

This study investigates how sound wave treatments, like shockwave therapy, can improve muscle resilience in sports and aging. Muscle resilience is crucial for recovering from injuries and maintaining performance, but it diminishes with age and repeated damage. The research suggests that acoustic stimulation can boost resilience by triggering biochemical responses in muscles and releasing growth factors and anti-inflammatory compounds. Acoustic stimulation also appears to guide healing cells to damaged areas. This approach holds promise for enhancing muscle recovery, preventing injuries, and improving physical well-being in sports and aging.

New Patient Special

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