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Dr. John Cheney

Meet Dr. John Cheney

Dr. John Cheney graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West. Concurrently, he completed a year-long postgraduate training course in Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) through the ‘That Something’ Coaching Program offered by an expert in the field, Dr. Shawn Dill. He also completed a second year long post-graduate (KCUCS) program 3 years later through the Tic Institute, and expert Dr. BJ Kale. Dr. Cheney has served the people of El Salvador and Nicaragua through several chiropractic outreach programs. While there he adjusted hundreds of people seeking health and healing through chiropractic care.

Welcome to Source Chiropractic and Wellness. Your Local Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Utah

The health of your whole body hinges on a healthy nervous system. When any part of the spine is misaligned, it pinches nerves leaving the spinal cord so they cannot operate their affected part of the body correctly. But when the spinal cord itself is pinched, at the base of the skull where it leaves the brain, a domino effect of problems and pains occur. A trusted chiropractor in Draper, Utah, Dr. Cheney has earned considerable post-doctorate training in upper cervical chiropractic adjusting to eliminate this upper cervical misalignment. This technique corrects the alignment of the upper cervical spine (neck vertebrae) so that the entire spinal cord functions correctly. Our patients who have had upper cervical adjustments report widespread, lasting pain relief, better energy levels and an overall boost in quality of life.

Dr. Nathan and his staff are extremely professional and make everyone feel welcomed. The experience and wisdom is beyond excellence, along with the state of the art equipment.

I had plantar fasciitis. Dr. Nathans and Dr. Thompson both recommended Soft Wave. I was very skeptical. I am a believer. I am pain free! Highly recommended!

Dr. Sam is truly a life changer! He has not only helped my wife feel so much better in spite of her chronic spine issues, but had helped correct my spine issues and eliminated by back pain!

One of the best chiropractic experiences I have had in a long time. I had immediate relief from a long standing chronic pain condition. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Dr. Matt is fabulous! He has given me 2 consults for neuropathic pain and explained a treatment option he recommends. His office staff is equally fantastic.

Such a nice friendly place. Just started treatment for neuropathy, here's hoping to be able to walk and drive again sometime soon.

Dr. Brown is not in chiropractic care just to adjust and fix people, she’s in it because she truly cares about the individual’s wellness. If anyone would ever ask me what’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, this would be it.

I’ve been going to Dr. Brown at InnerSun for over a year now. This spring is the FIRST spring in 15 years that I haven’t battled migraine-level sinus headaches – and I’m not taking any medication for it.

739 ★★★★★ Reviews and Counting!

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