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Harrison Chiropractic Center

2870 E Beltline Ave NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525

Dr. David K. Harrison

Meet Dr. David K. Harrison

Dr. David K. Harrison, a dedicated chiropractor with 36 years of experience, specializes in non-invasive solutions for musculoskeletal pain. A top graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and former class president, he’s a respected figure in the field. Dr. Harrison has led the Michigan Chiropractic Society as District President and is an active member of several chiropractic associations.

With expertise in spinal decompression, neuropathy treatment, and more, he’s renowned for his results-driven approach. Voted Grand Rapids’ “Best Chiropractor” by Grand Rapids Magazine readers, he stays at the forefront of his field through continuous learning and technology integration. Beyond his practice, Dr. Harrison is passionate about his community, enjoys outdoor activities, and loves spending time at his cottage.

Don’t let pain define your life. Whether you’re recovering from an auto accident or years of bad posture, you can trust our Grand Rapids chiropractors to provide individualized care. Our chiropractic services include spinal decompression therapy, back adjustments, massage therapy, and neuropathy treatment.

Don’t let pain define your life. Whether you’re recovering from an auto accident or years of bad posture, you can trust our Grand Rapids chiropractors to provide individualized care. Our chiropractic services include spinal decompression therapy, back adjustments, massage therapy, and neuropathy treatment.

Our goal is to always help you achieve the best outcome for your specific circumstances, reducing pain and improving functionality in a way that’s sustainable. In addition to chiropractic care, this may mean educating patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise, nutrition, and other therapies. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractic office to learn how we can help improve your health and change your life.

Tissue regenerative therapy can help treat chronic pain and acute stages of injury. For example, we’ve successfully treated patients with chronic neck, back, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, ankle, and foot conditions.

It’s just instant relief. Dr. Harrison is a fantastic chiropractor. He’s always up on state of the art technology. You’re going to have the relief you are looking for.

I hurt my back and started to do decompression here. I’ve gotten back to normal now. Each treatment I feel a little bit better. The doctor likes to make sure the patient’s feel comfortable.

870 ★★★★★ Reviews and Counting!

Schedule a $69 New Patient Appointment at Harrison Chiropractic Center

This New Patient Special includes a medical assessment and one SoftWave treatment session. Clinics performing SoftWave therapy are independently owned and operated, and set their own pricing for a full SoftWave treatment plan which can range from 6 to 12 sessions. By submitting your phone number, you’re consenting to receive text message updates from SoftWave.

SoftWave FAQs

  • What results should I expect from SoftWave Therapy?

    If you are a candidate for treatment, SoftWave therapy can provide both immediate and long-lasting results. After one SoftWave session, patients typically experience a 20-50% reduction in pain and improvement in mobility, lasting from a few hours to several days. Some patients require multiple sessions before experiencing improvement.

    To determine if SoftWave is a suitable treatment for you, schedule a $69 New Patient Appointment, where you will receive one SoftWave treatment session, and the provider will assess whether further treatment is appropriate.

    Unlike pain medications and injections, SoftWave treatment seeks to activate the body’s natural healing process at the cellular level to deliver genuine and long-lasting results.

  • What is the SoftWave treatment process like?

    SoftWave is a fast and convenient non-invasive procedure that usually lasts 10-15 minutes, with no downtime required for recovery. First, ultrasound gel is applied, then the SoftWave device is gently placed to deliver shock waves to the injured area. Most patients feel a gentle tapping or pulsing sensation, while some patients may experience mild pain or discomfort. The use of anesthesia or numbing agents is not necessary. Effective communication with the provider during treatment can help identify treatment hotspots and track progress.

    Click to see what SoftWave treatment looks like in action.

  • Where can I go to get SoftWave therapy?

    SoftWave therapy is performed by licensed clinicians at doctors’ offices, chiropractic and physical therapy clinics, and medical centers across the United States. Click to find a SoftWave provider in your area.

  • Who is a candidate for treatment?

    SoftWave is a viable treatment for most individuals experiencing one of the conditions listed here. To determine if SoftWave is a suitable treatment for you, schedule a $69 New Patient Appointment, where you will receive one SoftWave treatment session and the provider can assess your condition. If you experience slight pain or discomfort during the session, it may actually be an indication that the injured area will benefit from additional sessions.

    Is SoftWave therapy safe with prescription medication?

    SoftWave therapy can be safely combined with prescription medication in most cases.

    Is SoftWave therapy safe after surgery?

    SoftWave therapy is generally safe after surgery, depending on the type of surgery performed. In fact, it is commonly used to accelerate healing and post-surgical rehabilitation. Some doctors even use SoftWave in the operating room immediately after surgery, to activate the body’s healing process.

    Is SoftWave safe with metal in your body?

    SoftWave therapy is safe for patients with metal in their body, such as pins, plates, or joint replacements.

    Is SoftWave safe with a blood pressure condition?

    Yes, Softwave is generally safe for patients with blood pressure conditions, like high or low blood pressure.

    Who is NOT a candidate for SoftWave therapy?

    SoftWave therapy is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have cancer. At your first appointment, the provider can further discuss any conditions that would impact your ability to receive therapy.

  • Does SoftWave therapy have side effects?

    Side effects from SoftWave therapy are minimal and non-restrictive. SoftWave does not cause bruising or swelling, although some patients may experience slight redness and soreness that typically subsides within one to two days. While recovery downtime is not usually needed, we recommend avoiding high-impact movements or exercise for the first 24-48 hours.

  • What conditions and injuries are treated by SoftWave therapy?

    SoftWave therapy treats an array of conditions, injuries and symptoms, including:

    • Joint and muscle pain like knee, shoulder, and lower back pain
    • Overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, and jumpers knee
    • Orthopedic conditions like carpal tunnel, meniscus tears, and soft tissue injuries
    • Ulcers, wounds, burns
    • Neuropathies
    • Post-surgical healing

    This list grows each year as new applications are discovered for this breakthrough technology.

    View the full list of conditions treated by SoftWave therapy.