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Nathans Family Chiropractic

11048 Baymeadows Rd. Unit 2
St. John’s, Florida 32259

Dr. Alan Nathans

Meet Dr. Alan Nathans

A graduate of Life University (Marietta, GA) and in private practice since 1999. I pursued Chiropractic Medicine after an experience that changed my own life as a teenager when I found myself in excruciating pain and unable to move. My father said, “I’ll take you to my Chiropractor in the morning”. I didn’t even know what a Chiropractor was, and at that time, I didn’t care. After a few chiropractic adjustments, I functioned normally, and this experience guided me into my career. Many years after that first chiropractic adjustment, I decided to go back to college at age 28 and I graduated from Chiropractic school in 1999 and moved with my wife to Jacksonville, FL, to begin my professional practice.

The non-invasive alternative to injections and possibly surgery

Patients believe Chiropractor, Dr. Alan Nathans is the best chiropractor for chiropractic care and no-needle Regenerative Stem Cell Treatment called SoftWave® for the natural healing of worn out joints and chronic injuries that cause pain using drug-free pain management in Jacksonville. For decades patients and their families have trusted Nathans Family Chiropractic to provide superior chiropractic services for health and wellness in every phase of life. Dr. Nathans finds the root cause of pain that is keeping you from living life to the fullest. He and his staff provide solutions to not only get through a crisis, but also provide the kind of on-going care you need that results in regeneration and rehabilitation, helping you live your best 100 Year Lifestyle NOW.

I had plantar fasciitis. Dr. Nathans and Dr. Thompson both recommended Soft Wave. I was very skeptical. I am a believer. I am pain free! Highly recommended!

Dr. Nathan and his staff are extremely professional and make everyone feel welcomed. The experience and wisdom is beyond excellence, along with the state of the art equipment.

816 ★★★★★ Reviews and Counting!

Schedule a $69 New Patient Appointment at Nathans Family Chiropractic

This New Patient Special includes a medical assessment and one SoftWave treatment session. Clinics performing SoftWave therapy are independently owned and operated, and set their own pricing for a full SoftWave treatment plan which can range from 6 to 12 sessions. By submitting your phone number, you’re consenting to receive text message updates from SoftWave.

SoftWave FAQs

  • What results should I expect from SoftWave Therapy?
  • What is the SoftWave treatment process like?
  • Where can I go to get SoftWave therapy?
  • Who is a candidate for treatment?
  • Does SoftWave therapy have side effects?
  • What conditions and injuries are treated by SoftWave therapy?