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Dr. Sinan Gocmen

Chiropractic wasn’t always Dr. Sinan’s path. In fact, he was a chiropractic skeptic until a friend convinced him to give it a try. Though Dr. Sinan was into fitness and eating right, he ended up with the flu that left him bedridden for two weeks. It was the sickest he had ever been. Bedridden and with unrelenting migraines, he couldn’t open his eyes or eat. Within two weeks, Dr. Sinan was back to his usual self. Once his strength returned, he visited his friend’s office, Judge Family Chiropractic, in St. Charles, Illinois. There, he was surprised to see the place jam-packed with families who all knew about the importance of getting their nervous system checked. Dr. Sinan wanted to live out his mission and purpose, so he packed his bags and moved to Davenport, Iowa.

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