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Dr. Samuel David Sickmeyer

Dr. Sam was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and is a 2013 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College.  He is an avid gym enthusiast, believing in proper muscular balance along with chiropractic lifestyle.   Dr. Sam enjoys lifting weights, hiking, fishing, playing sports, riding his motorcycle and spending time relaxing with his family.

He practices utilizing Graston, Diversified, Cox Flexion Distraction, Thompson Technique, Blair Upper Cervical Technique, Dry Needling, Diversified techniques, Active Release Technique, and kinesiology taping. “I believe the best chiropractors don’t treat their patients on which technique they prefer, but which techniques work best for the patient.”

​I loved playing sports as a child, and certainly believe one day I was going to be a professional athlete whether football, baseball or soccer but had a horrible back injury that left me with many problems and chronic pain.  After many medical consultations and a proposal for back surgery and spinal fusion, I was introduced to the chiropractic lifestyle.  Chiropractic’s helped me get me back into sports and an active healthy lifestyle without the necessity of surgery.  Now I am blessed with the opportunity to help my patients and get them back to their healthy lifestyles.

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