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Dr. Roy Strickland

“I had a personal injury when I lived in Japan, and I was in pain for about 6-9 months,” says Dr. Strickland. While all other healthcare providers were fully resigned to the idea of surgery – perhaps even multiple surgeries – the only doctor who provided a different perspective was his chiropractor. The chiropractor explained that a subluxation was putting pressure on his nerve, that the affected nerve was feeding directly into other parts of his body, and that this was causing “referred pain” – pain that’s felt elsewhere.

After beginning treatment and continuing under the chiropractor’s recommendations, his pain went away and never came back. “Not only that, but about 3 weeks into treatment I noticed I was breathing better, my asthma was clearing up, and I got off my asthma/allergy medication,” says Dr. Strickland. The doctor simply said, ‘Yes, that’s chiropractic – it’s not about your pain, it’s really about your overall health.”

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