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Dr. Logan Baxter

“I remember one time when I was a little kid I was riding a tricycle at my grandma’s house. I turned my head and my neck locked. It hurt really bad, but nothing was done about it. Through my teenage years, I had mid-back pain off and on and nothing was done about it either,” says Dr. Baxter.

As a young adult, he was trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Dr. Baxter recalls, “I always wanted to do something related to the human body. I always found great interest in anatomy and science classes. I thought being a chiropractor would be a fun career. We were living in Arizona, where there is no chiropractic school, and I was worried my wife wouldn’t want to relocate our family. Much to my surprise she fully supported my desire to become a doctor and we moved to San Francisco to pursue my dream,” says Dr. Baxter.

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