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Dr. Hayden Beck

From a young age I knew I wanted to help people. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor; I wanted to be the person people came to in order to feel better. So, I set my sights on becoming one, I geared my education to achieve that goal and worked hard through school. It wasn’t until later on during my shadowing and observation hours in high school that I started having second thoughts about being a doctor. I kept seeing the same patients coming back again and again with no progress and some were even worse. What I was seeing was a broken “healthcare” system failing patients at just about every turn.

The care they were receiving was only targeting the symptoms they were expressing and not addressing the root cause causing the symptoms. Often times the only intervention they were receiving was a prescription for different medication. In other words, they were getting sickcare and not healthcare. Sickcare is care that keeps you alive but it doesn’t allow you to thrive.

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