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Dr. David Velez

A quick bio about me: my name is David Velez. I am a former collegiate athlete and current “weekend warrior.” I am a very active person and enjoy running, hiking, crossfit, weightlifting, and coaching youth sports. My wife Kelli and I have two young kids that keep us extremely busy; and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I truly believe we are all athletes. There comes a time for all of us when we have pain or problems and are looking for a way to stay in the game. It could be a crossfitter with shoulder pain, a baseball player with elbow pain, a father with back pain, or a grandmother with knee pain. Whatever the case, the goal is doing what you love at the peak of your ability.

I would say I am a problem solver to the core. It’s not my style to shut you down and rest the problem away because that is often not the right answer. Utilizing a unique neurofunctional approach, I aim to find the root cause of the issue at hand, reduce tissue sensitivity and work hard with rehab exercises. For every patient visit my only concern is to maximize our time together to make steady and sustainable improvements in rehab and performance.

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