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Dr. Constantine Cossifos

“The power that made the body, heals the body,” and it is easier to maintain wellness than to try to get your health back once it’s gone. Chiropractors help your body maintain wellness by keeping your nervous system in balance.

My lifestyle includes motorcycle riding, running and working out which are very stressful to the spine, therefore, health and wellness are not only a priority but a personal necessity. You don’t wait until you get sick to decide to be healthy. I stretch daily to maintain flexibility, have a nutritious diet and get to the gym 3-5 days per week. And in order to keep my nervous system in balance, I am also under regular Chiropractic care.

If you or someone you know has been suffering without relief, call our New Rochelle office today. If we can help, we will tell you. And if we can’t, we will guide you in the right direction.

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