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How Long Will Shockwave Therapy Take to Work for Me?


If you’re living with chronic pain, you know just how much it can take a toll on your quality of life. Chronic pain can keep you from doing and participating in activities you enjoy while making you feel tired, irritable, and frustrated at your limitations. You may have tried other treatment options and are looking for something non-invasive without all the uncomfortable side effects. 

Shockwave therapy offers a non-invasive treatment option for chronic pain and other health conditions for relief with minimal side effects. After trying different types of treatments, you might be wondering how long shockwave therapy takes to work. While some patients report feeling pain relief right away, others may experience results after a series of treatments. Here’s what you need to know about the length of treatment for shockwave therapy and how it can work for you.

In this blog post, we’ll investigate:

Does Shockwave Therapy Work Immediately?

Does Shockwave Therapy Work Immediately


Some people may experience relief after a single session, but the full benefits of shockwave therapy may take several weeks or months to become fully apparent. Effectiveness can vary among individuals and depend on factors such as medical history, type of pain, location of pain, symptom severity, and type of shockwave therapy administered.

In general, it is not uncommon for people to need a series of shockwave therapy sessions, typically spaced one to two weeks apart, to achieve the desired results. After the initial series of treatments, some people may benefit from periodic maintenance sessions to help maintain the benefits of treatment. Your shockwave therapy treatment provider can help you determine the best course and length of treatment for your specific needs.

What to Expect During Your Shockwave Therapy

During shockwave therapy, a device generates sound waves that are transmitted through your skin to the affected area. These sound waves send a special type of energy to deeper tissues that stimulates the production of new blood vessels and promotes the healing of damaged tissue. Before you get started with your treatment, you will be asked to remove any clothing or jewelry that may be in the way of the treatment area.

  • The Shockwave Procedure

    During your shockwave therapy sessions, you may sit, lie down, or stand in various positions while your doctor applies the treatment. A trained healthcare provider will hold the shockwave device against your skin and move it over the treatment area in a gentle, circular motion. 

  • What Shockwave Therapy Feels Like

    Some people report feeling a light tapping or pulsing sensation as the device moves across the skin, but shockwaves do not cause pain or discomfort.

  • Length of Shockwave Sessions

    A shockwave therapy session could last as few as 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of your treatment area and the severity of your condition.

  • Side Effects After Shockwave Treatment

    After the treatment is over, many people do not experience any side effects. Some mild side effects of shockwave therapy that may last for a few minutes or hours after the treatment include some tenderness or soreness in the area. Talk to your doctor about how you are feeling after the treatment, and they can make recommendations for you to ensure the best possible outcome for your treatment and care.

    How Many Shockwave Treatment Sessions Do You Need?



    The number of shockwave treatment sessions you need will depend in large part on the type and severity of what brings you to the doctor. SoftWave therapy can be used to treat pain from head to toe. Strained muscles, worn joints, and nerve compression could all potentially qualify for this type of treatment. Joint pain caused by an injury or chronic health condition like arthritis can lead to pain and inflammation that makes everyday movements a burden. If you have suffered a recent injury, you could benefit from shockwave treatment. Neck and back pain after a car accident from injuries like whiplash could cause muscle tightness, spasms, and reduced mobility in your neck and upper back. Softwave therapy offers a non-invasive and highly effective option for treating this type of pain and discomfort.

    Personalize Your Shockwave Treatment Plan

    Your treatment plan with shockwave therapy should be personalized to your specific symptoms and needs for care. A common example of shockwave treatment sessions over time includes a series of 8-12 shockwave therapy sessions that are spaced out across four to six weeks. In some cases, your doctor may also recommend maintenance sessions to help maintain the benefits of shockwave treatment. In other cases, your body may respond so well to the treatment that you experience significant results after just one or two shockwave therapy sessions. From orthopedics for broken bones to wound care after an accident, shockwave treatment sessions can benefit a wide variety of people with health conditions that keep you from living your best quality of life.

    How Long Do Shockwave Therapy Results Last?

    Shockwave therapy is designed to promote healing and regeneration with long-lasting results. Many patients report beneficial effects that can last for months or even years at a time, depending on the specific health condition being treated and type of shockwave therapy administered. 

    Choosing The Best Shockwave Therapy For You

    Are you looking to experience the full benefits of shockwave technology?

    SoftWave therapy is FDA-cleared, patented, and nationally recognized for its leading tissue regeneration technology. Unlike other types of high-energy shockwave treatments, SoftWave is the only shockwave therapy on the market that uses true unfocused shock waves that treat larger and deeper areas of tissue. 

    Thousands of patient’s have experienced the benefits of SoftWave, including:

    • Little to no side effects
    • Short treatment time
    • Quick recovery
    • Long-lasting results

    Find a provider at a SoftWave clinic near you or learn more about SoftWave and whether or not you’re eligible for full treatment today!


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