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Tensegrity Chiropractic

5533 E. 41st St Tulsa, OK 74135
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135

Dr. Chris Barnes

Meet Dr. Chris Barnes

Dr. Barnes is the founding chiropractor at Tensegrity Chiropractic. As a college football player, he suffered from numerous soft-tissue injuries, one of which ultimately ended his career. Frustrated with trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and physicians not giving him answers about why he was continuously getting injured, he decided to pursue his own chiropractic training with the best providers in the field. Since graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Dr. Barnes has completed thousands of hours in continuing education.

“My goal is to identify the true cause(s) of pain for my patients. Rarely do I see the need for long-term chiropractic care. I want my patients to be empowered, free from pain, and able to enjoy their lives fully.”

We are proud to have extensively trained providers and be able to offer more therapies than most chiropractic clinics throughout the country.

We’ve all been there. You wake up and realize that you slept in a weird way, and your neck just will not turn today. We hear you. That’s why we’re now offering 5 minute appointments to get you fixed up fast, and back to your day. Chiropractic adjustments are also often a part of our holistic appointments. It is one of many therapies we use in conjunction with advanced technologies and treatments to give our patients the best possible outcome.

Our physicians are highly trained in advanced holistic therapies and we specialize in using techniques that connect the body and mind, relieving pain, and restoring overall balance and health.

Tensegrity Chiropractic has been the cornerstone of my training plan for the last decade. Check this office out. Your body will thank you.

Dr. Barnes and his crew are absolutely amazing! Not only have I had great benefit personally (both me and multiple members of my family), but also with my patients.

734 ★★★★★ Reviews and Counting!

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