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True Access Primary Care

4869 Palm Coast Pkwy NW Suite 3
Palm Coast, Florida 32137

Dr. Lisa Magary

Meet Dr. Lisa Magary

Lisa Magary, dual certified in family practice and pediatrics as a nurse practitioner, is passionate about helping patients maximize their health. After a thorough education including a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Florida in 2010, a Masters in Nursing in 2006, and years of working in a healthcare system that revolves around insurance starting with home healthcare as a graduate from the respiratory care program at Santa Fe Community College in 1995. Lisa knew there had to be a better way.

Her years in primary care where the expectation was to see each patient for less than 15 minutes pushed Lisa to seek out a new model for health care, a model that put the patient at the center, not billing codes and government requirements. Opening a practice was a dream. But that dream was always at the mercy of rapidly changing insurance laws and heavy burdens placed on health care providers by insurance companies.  Late in 2014, after reading an article about direct primary care everything changed as new options came into focus.  Options like earning a living and getting to spend a lot of time with patients while making a lasting positive impact on their health. The direct primary care model allows just that.

We are a direct primary care medical practice serving businesses and individuals with an office in Flagler County, Florida. Home visits and telemedicine visits are also available. Ultimately, that means you or your employees get excellent medical care, when you need it, without having to jump through the hoops of a traditional medical practice. Our members love it, and we think you will too!

Because we have taken insurance companies out of the primary care equation, costs have come down. Providers at traditional medical practices see as many as twenty-five patients per day compared to those who see six to eight. That means you get more time and better care.

Saving money while attracting and retaining the best employees with higher quality healthcare sounds too good to be true. Still, because we have taken insurance companies out of the primary healthcare equation, costs come down. We would love to take care of your employees at True Access Primary Care. Together we can give your employees what they need, personal and convenient health care. While this is not a substitute for health insurance, (many of our members do carry health insurance and we encourage all of them to do so) it is direct access to primary health care. This means employees can stay healthier through preventative care with wholesale labs and generic medications. Employees also spend less time out of work due to illness because they have direct access outside office hours. Employers love us. Employees love us. We know you’re going to love us too!

I don’t know how many doctors literally jump out of their seat just from being so passionate about what they do, but Dr. Lisa Magary is one of them! Between their warm hearts, steady hands, and down to earth knowledge I would give 10 stars if I could. Very, very pleased with the entire experience.

Dr. Magary stands out as an exceptionally professional and compassionate healthcare provider in Palm Coast. If you seek a medical expert who combines expertise with genuine concern for your well-being, she is your top choice.

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